Real residents and aged care staff take the spotlight in St Vincent Care’s new campaign

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St Vincent’s Care has launched a national campaign featuring real aged care residents, staff and volunteers in a new three-part series that showcases the heart-warming relationships and stories that exist within aged care.


The video series, titled “Celebrating You” aims to shine a light on the positivity and joy that can be found in aged care, despite the negative narrative often depicted in the media. St Vincent’s CEO, Lincoln Hopper, believes that this series is an important reflection of the incredible communities being formed within aged care homes across Australia.

Says Hopper: “For every negative story you hear about aged care in the news, there are thousands of uplifting stories happening every day within our homes. These stories are worth celebrating, no matter how small or large they are.”

Head of marketing and communications at St Vincent’s, James Boshier, echoes this sentiment, stating that the relationships within aged care homes are what make them special: “One of the biggest concerns of residents coming into aged care is a loss of independence and identity. We want to bring to life for people considering aged care the beautiful relationships between residents, employees, families, and volunteers.

“While aged care is frequently talked about in the context on how we can assist the individual to thrive, this all happens in the context of a community, and people flourish because of their community.”

“This campaign shows that residents can find their identity within our communities and how they can continue to contribute and find purpose.”

With the release of the first episode of the “Celebrating You” series St Vincent’s hopes to inspire others to see the value in aged care and see that it is not a full stop to someone’s life, but another chapter, or many chapters.

The ‘’Celebrating You” campaign commenced this week with the release of episode one of the series following Bette, Jo and Claire. Episodes two and three are planned for release later this year.

Client – St Vincent’s Care Services
Chief Executive Officer: Lincoln Hopper
Head of Marketing: James Boshier
SVC Marketing team: Isabella West, Thomas Delaney, Jesse Gramenz, Lorena Gonzalez, Chloe Coelho

Creative Agency & Production: Seniors Cinematic Collective
Creative Partner – SCCAU
Creative – SCCAU
DOP – Jake Koning
1st AC – Brett Tracey
2nd AC – Jakob Hart
Gaffer: Teretiano Reti
Assistant Producer: James Bacskay
Production Assistant: Matthew Foo
Stills/Photography – AJ Moller
Sound – Seth Jackson
HMUA – Emily Koning
Post Production: Seniors Cinematic
Editor – Link Masters
Colourist – Matt Fezz