The Portfolio Project launches Creative Foundations in Australia and unveils new campaign

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The Portfolio Project which seeks to help disadvantaged young people and young people with a disability, teamed up with a group in the US last year to deliver the same program in the US, winning Gold at the International Summit Creative Awards in 2022 as Creative Foundations, has now released a new arm of the program brought to Australia under the same name and has launched a new PR campaign called “Domestic Violence Victims are Not Ai Robots – They Need Your Help”.


This time the focus is on disadvantaged women and young mothers who are now in care fleeing away from domestic violence.

Says Richard Kahotea, co-founder: “This campaign is a call out to all industries and education institutions to help these young women with training and employment opportunities.

“These women have already seeked help and are under care through a social services organisation but need sustainable employment, being put under a disadvantaged situation with all the trauma as well as having to raise a child financially as a single Mum.”

The campaign is a call out to industry and training organisations to help these women out which they can do by looking through government lists in relevant states and peak body websites that have a list of domestic violence support organisations which they can contact and develop a corporate relationship with the organisation to help these women and aid them in skilling up and getting sustainable employment.

The campaign intentionally uses AI generated voice overs to “make them sound like robots as these are young women with children fleeing from a horrible situation and they are not robots they need your help beyond general support services, they have dehumanised”, says Kahotea.

“We have started Creative Foundations Australia to set an example as a brand new social enterprise to train young women in these circumstances in our case to be fluent copywriters as it is a transferable skill in public relations, advertising, marketing you name it. But this is a call out to all industries and training organisations to do the same. We felt copywriting can help young mothers under care of domestic violence services flexibility in raising their children but you may have a skills training program or job that’s well suited as well.”

The campaign promotes hope which industry can help.

There is a much larger follow up ad campaign in the making to follow up from.

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