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About ACCA

About ACCA


ACCA, Australia China Commercial Association is situated in Australia’s “City of Gardens”, -Melbourne, and Victoria. The association seeks to provide its members an opportunity to invest in Australian businesses, as well as provide the latest news on Australian products and investment opportunities. ACCA aims to aid Chinese and Australian enterprises to cooperate in different fields, creating a platform for cultural exchange and development of intimate business relationships between the 2 countries.

Australia China Commercial Association has formed close bonds and garnered support from the Australian Government, Chinese embassy and related entities. A warming welcome has been expressed by the local Australian Government towards investments made in any field of industry by Chinese investors. These industries include agriculture, livestock, alcohol, real estate, tourism and more. The growing co-operation and hard work between the
Association and all its members will result in an increase of Chinese investors and businesses coming to Australia to invest, further stabilizing investment opportunities.

Apart from attracting investors and business operators, Australia possesses strong economic power, a mature and stabilised business and political environment, in addition to a skilled multicultural workforce. Australia’s mature political body is a result of the development of businesses, which encourages successful investments. Australia owns rich environmental resources, which can satisfy the needs of China’s high-speed development. Australia shows huge potential in the investment within industries such as infrastructure, modern manufacturing industries, environment protection services, tourism, retail and research development.

In recent years, the interest of Chinese businesses & investors coming to Australia to grow and invest has grown day by day. ACCA provides multi-faceted services for international Chinese investors, together with other government departments and international business circles. We can provide you with the required information while you are investing in Australia, and we will help you to develop relationships between counterparts in industries and government departments. We’ll guide you through investment laws and government policy recommendations to get the most out of your investments.

Our range of services involves Australian real estate investing, real estate development, agriculture, livestock, alcohol Investment, China and Australian government cooperation and more. We will also help our member on Australian immigrant and student abroad investor advice. ACCA welcomes Chinese investors and Australian project holders to contact us and welcomes any of those who are interested in investment to communicate and speak to us.

To guarantee Association member’s smooth investments, the Association along with the cooperation from legal, financial, accounting and professional investors will wholeheartedly provide the Association members with related legal and financial advice, as well as resolving any Association member’s questions.

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